Yeah berate was a bad choice of words on my part, my bad. Also that story was pretty funny. XD

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Wait, but don't YOU have a boyfriend? How can you berate straight women for their (admittedly crazy) attraction to men when you yourself have a fella?

earlier this happened

im laughing because he got mad too LMFAO

ok ok. im not berating women for anything, first of all. plus i never said they couldn’t be attracted to dudes as well?? i just meant how can u NOT like ladies??

you can like dudes that’s fine, obviously i have a boyfriend, but im not gay. im pansexual. i like ALL the people.

basically all i was wondering is how it’s possible for people to not be attracted to women. not SOLEY women. but women. they can be attracted to others as well, BUT LOOK AT WOMEN. LOOK. HOW CAN U NOT???

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Have you heard of MTV's Faking It? What do you think about it?

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Every girl is a closet lesbian. Lesbihonest.

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how do straight girls exist?

have they not seen girls or what?

Yikes. It kind of seems like your comment about SiS!Elsa topping spawned a lot of fanart it turns out Cel isn't too fond of. I doubt that was your intent, I'm just wondering what your thoughts on it are.


mainly i just feel bad that cel’s getting shit for being uncomfortable???

like that’s unfair. first off, her fic character is being put into situations and is being displayed extremely OOC, and I think that it’s fair for her to not really agree with that?? like what the heck dont get mad at HER for her feelings towards how things are being portrayed…

regardless, i think the ship is cute. i can’t see it happening like, actually. but i already draw a lot of requests that i dont see happening within fics, so at this point that doesnt really matter to me. most of the things im asked to draw are pretty ooc of the characters and i sorta just pretend that something happened at a point to make things work out later.

siselsa would undoubtedly be terrified of r9kelsa. when i draw em together i assume r9k didnt snap at sis upon their first meeting (she would) and sis sorta opened up to her (she wouldnt)

ya feel me? i like the ship. i think it’s unrealistic. i think cel has a right to feel uncomfortable (some of the fanart is definitely leaning towards the “molestation” area and less the “topping” area…) but yeah. yeaaah.

i ship it in a cute, supportive relationship, way….

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i’ve finally figured out how imma handle asks…

if i get an ask that’s related to something i’ve posted/is some kinda personal question, i’ll answer it around the time i get it

but if it’s a drawing request, i’ll answer it on the weekend.

yes good

cuz i have far to many normal questions that no longer make sense after a month of being ignored and i feel really bad about that gfhdghhgj

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Ghetto Disney Presents: Frozen

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If you ever need a measuring stick for how much of a weeaboo you are, this is the point of no return.

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I hope this hasn’t been done yet

I might be too late

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